The ways to donate [русскийСпособы перечисления пожертвования...]

Variants: Paypal :: WebMoney :: Bank :: Privat-24

Western Union :: MoneyGram :: Pravex-Telegraph :: Аваль Експрес

Western Union

Western Union, MoneyGram, Pravex-Telegraph, Aval.Express and UNIStreamprovide quick and secure transfers. It takes only few minutes for you to send and receive it here. The avarage transfer percentage is 3%.
  Please send your support through Western Union, MoneyGram, Pravex-Telegraph, Аваль Експрес или UNIStream and please inform me about the transfer. Thank you.

You will need your passport information
and the recipient information to do the transfer:
 Ivan S. Privalov, Ukraine, Kiev



The Credit Card transfers are possible OnLine Using Safe and Quick Transfers through Paypal. Please click the icon below to do the online transfer:


WebMoney :: Yandex.Money

The online transfers are also possible through WebMoney и через Yandex.Money

My WebMoney information is:
WMID: 525596886923
WMZ: Z572624521008 - US$
WMR: R086281754068 - рубли

My Yandex.Money information is:
#: 4100182980099

Western Union

Bank :: SWIFT

Please turn to your bank to process the transfer:
  Carrying out a transfer in the SWIFT system is possible either from an account or without it. To carry out an international money transfer in the SWIFT system, you need to know the exact details of the beneficiary (beneficiary bank name, its location, SWIFT code, beneficiary account name, etc.), and have your passport information ready.


Account number:26252101 / 0661672201 - USD
Account number:26252101 / 0661672202 - EURO
Beneficiary's name (F59):IVAN PRIVALOV
Details of Payment (F70 or F72):
    Royalties to Card account 0661672201 in USD [OR 0661672202 in EURO] not concerned with business and investment activity.
Please be advised that according to Ukrainian legislation, the transfer money can not be accepted on the individual's account in case of the connection between the money origin and the business or investment activity. Thus, it is important to have the above 'Details of Payment' mentioned.
Beneficiary Bank: OJSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval,
Kiev, Ukraine
Correspondent bank: Acc. # 55022305
Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich, Vienna

  Use this information if you send the donations in dollars only from the bank that is located in xUSSR:


OJSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval
MFO 300335
ZKPO 14305909

Beneficiary Bank: OJSC Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Beneficiary: Ivan S. Privalov
Account: 26252101
Details of payment: Royalties to Card account 0011017300 not concerned with business and investment activity.


Privat 24

In order to proceed the online Privat24 transfer, please contact us to retrieve an up to date account information.

 Find out about the and support online ministry

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